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Pray together

Love 153 serve in diferent kind of ministries so we need unceasing prayer.

The Start of School and Program

The new school year will begin soon . Please pray for the start of school and program.


1) Pray for the teachers and their families


2) Pray that the students of The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers (JHTC) began to find recovery and stability through the new sewing school.


3) Pray for health of all the staff from Love 153

Fest Season & Guest Teams

Many teams are visiting Israel during feast season of September-October


In the Jewish calendar is 5776 years. Christians from many nations come to celebrate the 70th year of jubilee. Pray that they can hear what God is speaking to them in this meaningful period.


In addition, there are so many teams that visit Love 153. Please, pray to establish a good relationship with all the teams who are visiting.

Supporting Orthodox Jews

Pray for a continuos support indirect or direct for the Orthodox Jews.


We have the opprtunity to support Ultra-Orthodox Jews who refuse to receive help from christians that quietly decided to donate 10 winter coat. 


Pray that their hearts may be opened.


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