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* Sewing machines, new or used (price for new machine $300)

* Any types of fabric for the sewing school.

* Funds to run Love153 Center in Jerusalem.

* Ongoing projects for people in need.


Any donation you give helps those who need a touch of the LOVE of GOD.

We deeply appreciate your prayer and support!

Thank you!

Short & Midterm Volunteer


Sewing School

  Teaching basic or advanced sewing machine skills  for 2-3 months in Israel.


Computer Class

  Teaching basic computer skills at the Ethiopian  Absorption Center in



Other volunteer oppotunities are available.Please contact us for more information.

Invite Us to Speak


Invite us to your church or your community to share most update news and how God is working in Isreal. Also you can learn  how to get involved with people in Israel.


We have a basic teaching of Israel 101 to help us  connect deeper with Israel.  And we have many wonderful testimonies to share about working in Israel.

Please contact us if your church or group is interested. We love to share what God is doing in Israel!

Commit to Pray & Support


Praying is the foundation for all of our work.

Join us as an intercessor and pray for peace for Jerusalem and God's work to be completed in Israel and all nations.


We also need your financial support to carry out the love of God for those who need help.

Sponsor School


We need sponsors to help us financially and technically to keep running Sewining, Tae-Kwon-Do and Computer classes throught Israel.

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Eternal Victory Of the Lord is LOVE

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