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Love 153 Projects

Support & Work with the Jewish Agency For Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

We have an incredible opportunity to work with JAFI as Christians. We support and work closely with them. It will help to bring down the wall of misunderstaning and bring healing and restoration between Christians and Jews.


JAFI began its mission in 1929 to bring Jewish people back to establish the nation of ISRAEL.  JAFI were majorly instrumental in founding and building the State of Israel in 1948. And they continue to serve as the main link between the Jewish state and Jewish communities everywhere. First Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion was one of the founding members of JAFI.

Job Training Project


  * Sewing School

We are running sewing schools at 6 location:

  -The Ethiopian Jewish Center (Three Locations).


  -Rehabilitation Center

  -Nazareth Widow Center


  *Computer School


  *Beauty School

One-Day Tour Project


We offer one-day tours for lower income immigrants from Russia, Ethiopia & other countries.

This affords them the chance to explore Israel’s rich history.

Youth at Risk Encourage


There are youth at risk throughout Israel.

Those who have hard home lives, learning disabilities, or who just moved to Israel trough The Taekwondo


  *Taekwondo Training

  *Taekwondo Uniforms 

Support Programs


  *Building Remodeling Activities

  *Holocoust Suvivors

Connect To Israel - Project


We have 7 to 8 day tour programs that includes:


  *Visit Biblical Holy Places

  *Visit The Jewish Agency for Israel Headquarters

  *Volunteer Work

  *Personal experience with the Orthodox Jewish Community

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