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Love 153 News

Prayer Meeting Anouncement

September 2015


We have a prayer meeting for Love 153 every wednesday at 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

We have a prayer meeting for North Korea on thursday at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm



Meeting location:

Israel Prayer Tower (City Tower Building)

34 Ben Yehuda Street, 20th Floor - Jerusalem, Israel

Taekwondo & Sewing School

September 2015


The new semester begins at Taekwondo School & Sewing School. There are several important meetings for this purpose.


   *Taekwondo School Locations

       -The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers (JHTC)

       -Vocational High School

       -Mevaseret Zion

       -For MK


    *Sewing School Locations

       -Mevaseret Zion

       -Be'er Sheva

       -Nazareth Widow Center

       -The Jerusalem Hills Therapeutic Centers (JHTC)


Guest Teams

September - October 2015


In the fest season of September and October many teams are visiting Love 153.

Other News

September - October 2015


We are supporting Ultra Orthodox Jewish School with 10 winter coat

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